Association of Construction Material Producers of Estonia

Association of Construction Material Producers of Estonia was founded in 1993 to support the general and financial activities of construction material producers.

There are 65 members in EETL in 2022.

In 2021 the sales of construction materials by members of EETL was worth about 640 millions euro.

Among the largest companies involved are Ruukki Products (steel products), Kunda Nordic Cement (cement and crushed limestone), Jeld-Wen Eesti (wooden doors), Saint-Gobain Eesti (masonry products), Rudus (concrete, crushed stone), Framm (precast concrete products), Pipelife Eesti (plastic pipes), Saku Metall (metallic doors, windows and other constructions).  The biggest employers in EETL are Jeld-Wen Eesti, Kunda Nordic Cement, E-Betoonelement, Framm, Saku Metall.

Export accounts for 1/3 of trade by members of the association. The biggest exporter is Krimelte (foam insulation). Other great exporters among our members are Jeld-Wen Eesti, Kunda Nordic Cement, Ruukki Products, Saku Metall, Metus-Est (curtain walling) and Nordkalk (limestone products).

We have a working relationship with sister associations in Estonia, the other Baltic States and Finland. We have signed an agreement with the Finnish Association of Construction Industries (Rakennusteollisuus RT). The aim of which is to develop our co-operation in both the organizational and the economic field.

Regarding participation in elaboration of legislation, our main partners in negotiations are: Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communications, Ministry of the Environment, Ministry of the Interior and Ministry of Social Affairs.

We collect information in the construction field. To understand the development of sales of construction materials we research the sales of our producers in every three month.

As European standards are particularly important to producers of construction materials we are interested in the standardisation work – taking part from different Estonian standardisation committees.

Meelis Einstein is president of our association. He is Managing Director of company Kunda Nordic Cement and he is Member of Council of Estonian Employers' Confederation.

Welcome to all producers of construction materials!

The Board of Association of Construction Material Producers of Estonia


Eesti Ehitusmaterjalide Tootjate Liit (Association of Construction Material Producers of Estonia)
non-profit organisation
registration code 80053157
address: Pärnu mnt 141, 11314 Tallinn ESTONIA
phone +372 648 1918